Techspray G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner 1630-16S, Aerosol, 16 oz

Techspray G3 Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner 1630-16S, Aerosol, 16 oz

TS 1630-16S

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Techspray's maintenance cleaners clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear boxes, and engines. Techspray has produced Blue Shower® maintenance cleaners for over 30 years, making Blue Shower a staple in maintenance departments all over the world! G3 Blue Shower is patented non-flammable cleaner formulated to be powerful, yet economical. Eliminate brushing and scrubbing, saving time and materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful cleaner
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Safe on electronics
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Zero residue
  • Safe on most plastics
  • EPA SNAP approved


  • Aviation Cleaning
  • Electronic Repair
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Transit Maintenance


Disconnect equipment from power source. Make sure opening of sprayhead is pointing toward surface to be cleaned. Hold can 6-8 inches away. Direct spray to saturate soiled surface. A TechBrush® (2000 Series) may be utilized to help in the removal of heavy soils. When used as a general cleaner, start at top of area to be cleaned using a sweeping motion and spray the area, slowly working toward the bottom. To clean in hard to reach areas, insert extension tube in sprayhead to direct spray. Allow components to dry completely before applying current

PDFTechnical Data Sheet

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