Solder Masks

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Solder masks are an essential component in any printed circuit board (PCB) project, protecting the board from heat, moisture, corrosion, oxidation, and other potential hazards. At SMT Supplies, we offer a range of high-quality solder masks from top brands like Chemtronics and TechSpray.

Our selection of solder masks includes products suitable for both leaded and lead-free soldering, ensuring that you can find the right product for your specific needs. We also offer a variety of applicators, including bottles and latex brushes, to make applying the solder mask as easy and precise as possible.

One of the benefits of using a solder mask is the protection it provides to your PCB from potential damage during the soldering process. By applying a thin layer of solder mask to the areas of the board you want to protect, you can prevent solder from flowing into unwanted areas and potentially causing shorts or other issues. With our selection of high-quality solder masks, you can rest assured that your PCB will remain protected throughout the entire manufacturing process.

At SMT Supplies, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solder masks and other essential tools and equipment for their PCB projects. Whether you're a professional electronics manufacturer or a hobbyist, we have the products you need to get the job done right. Browse our selection of solder masks today and discover the perfect product for your PCB project. Trust SMT Supplies to provide you with the best selection of solder masks and other essential tools for your electronics manufacturing needs.