SMT Supplies provides services to assist and support your production processes

Solder Dross Reclaim Payment Program  

In partnership with AIM Solder and EnviroCon, we offer a free cradle-to-grave recycle program, including a quarterly pick up and disposal of your solder dross and other metal-bearing waste.  We handle all the required paperwork and provide prompt detail settlements and payments.

ESD Surveys and Assessments 

In partnership with Desco and SCS, we provide free ESD surveys, including measurement of all pertinent work areas and assessments which help uncover ESD events.  Combined, both services offer a full solution is ESD issues in your workplace.

Solder Tip Maintenance Training 

Free Onsite or virtual training for operators and technicians which helps increase solder tip life and lower costs.

Solder Analysis Testing

In partnership with AIM Solder, a minimal cost ($80 for tin/lead and $125 for leadfree) test to determine alloy content.

Solder Paste Profiling

In Partnership with AIM Solder we can support your production team in determining the best oven profile, ramp speed and printing requirements to dial-in the best outcome per your specification.

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