Plato HS-0925 Angled SMD Soldering Tip 1.6mm, Pack of 10

Plato HS-0925 Angled SMD Soldering Tip 1.6mm

PLA HS-0925

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Plato is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tips in the world, producing tips to fit all of the most popular soldering stations. The long life and fast heat recovery of Plato soldering tips increases user effectiveness and decreases production times.

Features & Benefits

  • HS - Popular Plato tip shapes
  • Fast heat recovering increases soldering speed
  • Longer tip life reduces manufacturing costs
  • Fewer tip change overs

Compatible Stations: Hakko FX-888, Hakko FX-888E, Hakko FX-8801, Hakko 926, Hakko 928, Hakko 936, Hakko 937, Hakko 951, Hakko 952, Hakko 958, Hakko 959, Hakko 701, Hakko 702B, Hakko 900M, Hakko 900M-ESD, Hakko 907, Hakko 907-ESD

See ourEasy Find Cross Reference Chartsor Technical Data Sheet for tip-to-tip cross referencing.

Technical Data Sheet

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