Nederman FX 50 Fume Extraction Arm ESD 44 in. Down

Nederman FX 50 Fume Extraction Arm ESD 44 in. Down

SMT 70530244

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Nederman FX50 2 in. (50 mm) Diameter ESD , 44 in. Length, Connection down.

FX ESD Extractor arms are mainly for use in ESD (Electrostatic discharge) environments, such as the electronic industry when working with soldering or similar applications. All parts have a resistance to ground less than 3.3 x 10^6Ω.

Made of light-weight anodized aluminium sections, with two or three adjustable, plastic friction joints. For extraction of fumes, etc. when soldering, gluing, or working with solvents. Can be connected in single applications, in systems, and with or without filter. Easily mounted to a workbench or similar. Can be mounted standing, hanging or attached to the wall. Flexible in all directions and simple to position. Easy to dismantle for easy cleaning.

Technical Description

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