MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner 12 oz. Spray

MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner 12 oz. Spray


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MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner speeds the cleaning of ovens, pallets and wave solder machines, conveyors, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, pulleys, drive gears, housings, and degreasing pick-and-place systems. Because this cleaner is nonflammable you can clean the oven while it is still warm, saving time and enhancing the cleaning because warm solvents clean better than cold ones. This product is so much stronger than IPA alcohol that it slashes oven cleaning times 50% or more while improving cleaning results. Plus, Reflow Oven Cleaner avoids one of the big problems of alcohol cleaners — the curing and hardening of flux residues in the oven — so cleaning actually becomes easier over time. Suitable for use in hand wipe applications or ultrasonic tanks, this cleaner reduces equipment down-time and lowers cleaning costs. This product cleans all solder paste and flux residues, including lead-free products.

The product is made from water, alkaloids and proprietary long-chain alcohols.The cleaner aggressively attacks burned-on flux residues in the ovens, and is activated by the residual heat of the oven. The bulk packages features the popular “cubitainer” packaging. Cubitainers are easy to store on a shelf and feature a valve so the fluid can be dispensed without lifting the container. The Cleaner should be used with MicroCare lint-free cleaning wipes, the MCC-W11 is recommended. The fluid is ESD-safe. Safe on all metals, synthetics, plastics and elastomers. Excellent health-and-safety profile. Non-foaming. The cleaner dries quickly, leaves no residues. Noncorrosive. Low VOC content. Low global warming impact. Completely ozone-safe. Nonflammable. Slight aroma. Money-saving, refillable pump-spray bottle; not TriggerGrip™ compatible.

  • Speeds cleaning of ovens even when hot
  • Cleans pallets, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains,drive gears and housings
  • Activated by the residual heat of the oven
  • Can be used in dip tanks and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Melts away burned-on flux residues from wave solder machines and reflow ovens
  • Four times faster than isopropyl alcohol
  • Nonflammable and non-foaming

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