Hakko FM2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, Handpiece Only

Hakko FM2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, Handpiece Only

Hakko FM2030-01

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The Hakko FM-2030 Soldering Iron provides a higher mass tip with double the power of conventional T15 tips. This iron is ideal for soldering difficult-to-solder heavy ground planes and/or high heat sink applications.

• uses T22 tips (not included)
• compatible with the Hakko FM-203 soldering station and FM-206 rework system

IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ: The FM-2030 can only be attached to the Hakko FM-203 "D" port, and the Hakko FM-206 CH2 or CH3 ports. If you attach the iron to any other port, a grip error or connector error (C-E) will occur.

(see Specifications for details)

Part Number: FM2030-01

Note: This is the Handpiece ONLY.
For the complete kit, including holder, etc., see PN: FM2030-02

Product Key: FM2030-01 CONNECTOR ASSY, HD, SDRG, HANDPIECE ONLY, 24V-140W, FM-2030


FM-2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron

Model Name FM-2030
Part Number FM2030-01 (handpiece only)
Power Consumption 140W / 24VAC
Tip to Ground Resistance <2 ohms
Leak Voltage <2mV
Total Length (w/o cord) 224mm (8.8 in.)
Weight (w/o cord) 41g (1.4oz)
Cord/Reach 1.3m (4.3 ft.)
Tips T22 Series (not included)

FM2030-02 CONTENTs (handpiece, holder, etc.)

Part Number
FM2030-01 FM-2030 Handpiece
FH200-01 Handpiece holder with Sleep function
B3253 Connecting cable
B2300 Heat resistant pad

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