Hakko FM2022 Parallel Tweezers, w/FH-200, w/o Tip

Hakko FM2022 Parallel Tweezers, w/FH-200, w/o Tip

Hakko FM2022-05

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The Hakko FM-2022 SMD Parallel Remover uses revolutionary parallel action between the tip ends (one tip remains stationary) allowing greater surface contact between the tip and the component and providing more efficient and even heat transfer. FOR USE WITH THE FM-206, FM-203 OR FM-202 SOLDERING STATION ONLY.

Whether removing small chips or larger SOP components, the parallel action of the FM-2022 also allows for a more secure hold onto the component.

• Parallel Remover uses the same quick-change composite tip technology as the popular FM-206, FM-203 or FM-202 soldering station

• Fixing collar properly aligns the tips opposite each other

• Changing tips for different types of components has never been easier.

• Sleep holder allows the handpiece to be put to sleep when not in use, which helps reduce oxidation buildup and extend tip life (Sleep function available with FM-203 ONLY)

• ESD Safe by design

NOTE: Tips/Tweezers are NOT included.

See Product Specs for complete CONTENTS.

Part Number: FM2022-05

Product Key: FM2022-05 CK, PARALLEL REMOVER, w/FH-200, w/o TIP, FM-2022
Model Name FM-2022
Power Consumption 140W (24V)
Temperature Range 200°C - 400°C (400°F - 750°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±15°C (±27°F) of set temperature
Temperature Stability ±5°C (±9°F) at idle temperature
Tip to Ground Resistance Under 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential Under 2mV (Typical 0.6mV)
Cord Assembly 1.2m (4 ft.)
Total Length
(w/o Cord and Tip)
110mm (4.3 in.)
Total Weight
(w/o Cord)
53g (Handpiece)
11g (SOP 25L Tip only)


Part No.


Part No.




Heat resistant pad


Sleep Holder w/ Sponge


Connecting Cable


Tips not included


Document Description
FM2022e20110408 Hakko FM2022 User Manual Rev. 2011-04
Released 6/8/2011
Document Category: Manual
FM2022e200208 FM2022 Users Manual (Rev 2002-08)
Released 3/26/2009
Document Category: Manual
FM2022e20070914 User manual for FM-2022 Conversion Kit wtih Sleep Holder
Released 9/14/2007
Document Category: Manual

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