Hakko ESD Safe Manual Desoldering Tool

Hakko ESD Safe Manual Desoldering Tool

Hakko PD-03-D

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The Hakko PD-03-D manual desoldering tool provides a low cost and effective method for removal of residual solder during desoldering operations. With the press of a button, the spring activated vacuum system sucks the molten solder into the collection chamber, which is easily accessible for removal of solder and cleaning.

The PD-03-D is made of ESD Safe resins.

Part Number: PD-03-D

Product Key: PD-03-D TOOL, DSDRG, ESD, PD-03
Model Number PD-03
Length 7.9 in (201mm)
Stroke Length 1.5 in. (~40mm)
Weight (unit) 0.1 lb (46 g)
Weight (shipping) 0.15 lb (68 g)

(W x H x D)
57 x 29 x 276 mm

2.25 x 1.14 x 11 in.

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