Delvo DLR70S-WUB Screw Fastening Counter/Controller for DLV30/45-IKU Series Drivers

Delvo DLR70S-WUB Screw Fastening Counter/Controller for DLV30/45-IKU Series Drivers


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DLR70S-WUB Screw Fastening Counter/Controller for DLV30/45-IKU Series Screwdrivers


  • Count Correction” function that does not count improper length screws, improperly torqued screws that require re-torqueing, cross-threaded screws or screws that were not completely threaded
  • “Count Back” function reverses the counting when a screw is unfastened
  • Up to 4 different screw fastening programs can be stored in internal memory for a wide variety of assembly work
  • Sequential screw fastening system (LINK Function) can be used with up to 10 screwdriver/controller sets connected in series
  • “Step-less Speed Adjustment” function and “Soft-Start” function allow maximum control of the connected screwdrivers
  • Universal input voltage from 100 V AC to 240 V AC to easy installation
  • Grounded bit system standard (with a 1MΩ resistor)


Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Speed Control Function 60 - 100 %
Soft Start Function 0 - 2 sec.
Count 0 - 99
Allowable Number of Screw
Fastening Programs
Counting Method Count-up / Count-down
Count Correction Function Count normal fastening only
Self Adjustable Timer Setting 0.01 to 0.99 sec.
OK Output Timer Setting 0 to 9.5 sec.
Count Back Function ON / OFF
OK / NG Buzzer ON / OFF
Input Signal WORK / RESET / LINK-IN /
Output Signal OK / NG / LINK-OUT / TORQUE UP
Weight lbs(kg) 5.07 (2.3)
Size W x L x H in(mm) 5.24” × 12.8” × 3.15” (133 × 325 × 80)
Standard Accessories Power cord (80”): 1
Fuse (5 A): 1
Link Function
When counters are connected and activated in the screw fastening sequence as shown below, all screwdrivers are on standby except the first one in the sequence. Only when the first screw fastening is finished, can the next screwdriver change from standby to ready. When the last fastening in the sequence is finished, the first screwdriver is once again ready and the sequence can be repeated again.
Up to 10 screwdriver/counter sets can be connected to the LINK.

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