Delvo DLP2540 Vacuum Pump

Delvo DLP2540 Vacuum Pump


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Electric Screwdrivers can be used with Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Pickup. The sleeve of Vacuum Pickup sucks the screw and holds it on the bit, enabling the operator to pick it up with the tool itself, thus improving operational efficiency and operator's productivity.
Model Input Voltage No-load Current Power Consumption Achievable Vacuum
A W mmHg(kPa)


115 V AC, 50/60 Hz 1/0.75 30/26 -160 (-21.3)
Flow Rate at Outlet Weight Size
W × L × H
Standard Accessories
L/min lbs(kg) in(mm)
24/26 8.36 (Approx. 3.8) except Power Cord

6.1” × 7.3” × 5.5”

(152 × 182 × 138)

Power Cord Assembly : 1

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