AIM Water Soluble Paste Flux, 2 fl oz Jar

AIM Water Soluble Paste Flux, 2 fl oz Jar

SMT 22618

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AIM WS Paste Flux is a water washable tacky/rework flux designed to wet virtually all solderable electronic surfaces, components, assemblies, and substrates. AIM WS Paste Flux may be used for general touch up or rework of printed circuit boards, and for attaching spheres to ball grid array (BGA) packages.

WS Paste Flux offers excellent wetting activity whether reflowed by hand, hot-air rework stations, convection reflow ovens, or vapor phase soldering systems. WS Paste Flux is compatible with all tin-lead and lead-free alloys and can be used for a wide range of applications. WS Paste Flux can be brushed, dispensed, pin transferred, or stencil printed. WS Paste Flux is available in 10cc and 30 cc syringes.

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