AIM SN63/PB37 WS482 3% Water Soluble Core Wire Solder .015" Diameter

SMT 14215

AIM Water Soluble Core Wire Solder, SN63/PB37 WS482 3% .015" Dia. 1 Lb

AIM SN63/PB37 WS482 3% Water Soluble Core Wire Solder .015" Diameter

SMT 14215

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AIM Solder WS482 is a water soluble, halide-free flux cored wire that is highly active and compatible with water soluble solder paste chemistries. WS482 offers improved thermal stability, allowing it to be processed with standard or high temperature alloys. WS482 offers residues that are non-corrosive and therefore may be used without cleaning for applications where conductivity will not cause a problem (such as soldering wires). Post-process residues are safe to remain on many assemblies for up to two to three days. WS482 produces excellent tarnish and oxide removal, will not tarnish PCBs, copper, or solder joints, and offers excellent wetting and soldering characteristics. WS482 flux residue is readily soluble in hot water. IPC flux classification for this material is ORM0.

    • Halide-Free
    • For Standard and High-Temperature Applications
    • Extended Cleaning Times - Safe Up To 2 To 3 Days
    • Good Thermal Transfer
    • High Activity Level
    • Good Wetting Properties
    • Available in Industry Standard Sizes

Sn63/Pb37 Electropure™ is alloyed in a proprietary method resulting in a low drossing, high wetting solder. The Electropure process reduces suspended oxides in the solder, thus reducing drossing, improving flow, and reducing bridging during soldering.

  • Liquidus 183°C (361°F)
  • High Purity
  • Low Dross
  • Complies with IPC J-STD-006 – Current Rev

Unit: 1/2 lb. spool

Technical Data Sheet

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