AIM No Clean Solder Paste NC520 SN63/PB37-38-T4, 700 Gram Cartridge

AIM NC520 SN63/PB37-T4 No Clean Solder Paste, 700 Gram Cartridge

SMT 89186

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AIM NC520 is designed for the most demanding high density electronic assemblies. NC520 has been developed to offer excellent wetting, improved printing and to reduce voiding. The superior wetting ability of NC520 results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints with SAC alloys. An innovative activator system offers excellent wetting in a wide range of profiles. Enhanced wetting will reduce voiding on QFN ground planes, LGA and BGA interconnects. NC520 consistent transfer efficiencies reduce head-in-pillow (HiP) even when component/substrate co-planarity is not optimal.

- For Use with Demanding High Density Electronic Assemblies
- Reduced Head-in-Pillow
- Extremely Stable Formula
- Extended Pause-to-Print Process Window
- Reduces Voiding on QFN Ground Pads
- Improved Printing Characteristics

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