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ESD, 6 COIL CORD, BLACK, 4MM - Professional grade ground cords from Transforming Technologies come in two lengths. Model CC0037 is a 6 foot cord, and model CC0043 is the 12 foot cord. Models CC9037 and CC9043 use the same premium PU insulation, but offer a larger snap molding, shorter banana plug and are compatible with most 4mm wrist straps. The coil cord design of both models allows the ground cords to expand and contract with the free movement of the wearer. Both models of these ground cords are made with high quality 7 stranded copper tinsel wires; include a swivel banana plug and alligator clip on the grounding end of the cord, and a standard 4mm female snap on the end of the cord that connects to common ESD wrist straps having 4mm male snaps. Transforming Technologies also has 7 mm and 10 mm snaps available. Both of these cords also have a built in 1MO resistor, to provide an effective path to ground for static current, while at the same time providing a safe level of isolation from ground in case an operator accidentally comes in contact with voltage while working. Use these cords with our professional grade anti-static wrist straps or any general wrist strap with a compatible snap.

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