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Discover the best in binocular inspection with our collection of binocular microscopes at SMT Supplies. Our selection includes top-of-the-line brands such as Meiji, Scienscope, Prolite, and ProZoom, each offering a variety of features to suit all of your inspection needs.

-Meiji: Our Meiji binocular microscopes offer a range of magnification options and advanced features such as zoom and fluorescent ring light, making them perfect for detailed inspection tasks.

-Scienscope: The Scienscope binocular microscopes feature a ball-bearing zoom system and LED illumination, providing clear and bright images for even the most intricate inspections.

-Prolite: Our Prolite binocular microscopes come with an articulating arm-base and a variety of magnification options, making them perfect for a wide range of inspection tasks.

-ProZoom: The ProZoom binocular microscopes feature a powerful zoom system, fiber optic illumination and ergonomic design for comfortable and efficient inspections.

-ErgoTrack stand: The ErgoTrack stand offers advanced features such as a fiber optic ring light and a joystick control, making it easy to navigate and focus on the specimen being inspected.

-Models: We offer a wide range of models such as ELZ-PK5S-E1, NZ-PK1-R2E, SZ-PK1-R2E, NZ-PK5-R2E, SZ-PK2-AN.

With our collection of binocular microscopes, you can find the perfect tool for all your inspection needs. Whether you're looking for a microscope with a powerful zoom and fiber optic illumination or one with an articulating arm-base and a variety of magnification options, we have the perfect binocular microscope for you.