MicroCare UltraClean™ VOC-Free Flux Remover 10 oz. Aerosol

MicroCare UltraClean™ VOC-Free Flux Remover 10 oz. Aerosol


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This cleaner is completely unique and unmatched by any competing brand or product. This innovative siloxane-based formula works great, is very versatile, has almost no aroma, is priced very affordably and offers the cleaning power of far more expensive formulations. It is the strongest non-chlorinated cleaner on the market from any company, which makes it a great choice on “no-clean” and “lead-free” fluxes and pastes. It also removes silicone and acrylic conformal coatings. But even more importantly, it has the best environmental profile of any product on the market today. It is completely free of VOCs. It also has an ultra-low global warming impact (GWP), including the propellant in the aerosol package. Overall, the product is completely halogen-free. Completely ozone-safe. Other features include: Flammable. Fast drying. Plastic-safe. TriggerGrip™ system compatible. StatZAP™ compatible.

  • VOC-Exempt formula
  • Highly-effective on no-clean fluxes & pastes
  • Easily removes oils, grease, rosin-based fluxes, pastes, and silicone residues
  • Fast-drying for high throughput
  • Strongest non-chlorinated/halogen-free cleaner
  • TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible

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