Metcal CVC-6CN0005R Soldering Cartridge, Conical Reach 0.5mm x 15mm Long Groove, 30°, 600 Series


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The Metcal Connection Validation Cartridges (CVC) provide a wide range of options for through-hole and SMD Rework.

Connection Validation uses a patented algorithm that identifies the correct solder tip geometry, detects the transition of solder from solid to liquid, and calculates the intermetallic compound formation (IMC). IMC is a critical characteristic of reliable soldering. Solder joints with less than <0.25μm of IMC are cold or dry solder joint. Solder joints with >4.0μm risk embrittlement. Connection Validation calculates an IMC layer between 1.0μm and <4.0μm.

For use with the CV-5210 System and with the CV series hand-pieces. 600 Series for temperature sensitive applications.

  • Conical Sharp Bent 30°, Long Reach
  • 600 Series (600°F maximum temperature)
  • 0.5mm x 14.5mm (.02"x .57")

Connection Validation represents a revolution in solder joint quality. It’s the first system of its kind to provide real time feedback to the operator in regards to solder joint quality. Connection Validation compliments visual inspection which is the current industry standard.

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