Hakko 485 Soldering System, w/o 486

Hakko 485-1-V12

Hakko 485 Soldering System, w/o 486

Hakko 485 Soldering System, w/o 486

Hakko 485-1-V12

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The HAKKO 485 soldering system is a compact, high-performance soldering systemdeveloped exclusively for soldering and desoldering components and connectorsmounted on PC boards.

• compatible with LEAD-FREE solder

• solder flow is time-controlled and temperature-controlled

• soldering and desoldering cycles are automatic and precise

• a built in locator light pinpoints the exact position for placing components

• solder remaining in through-holes is completely removed by using the Hakko 486 Air Blower (included with 485-V12)

• a large selection of nozzle sizes available

NOTE: Due to the increased use of LEAD-FREE and other solder compositions, the 485 is shipped with an empty solder pot. Previously, customers would have to empty and clean the solder pot when using any solder other than the supplied Sn63 alloy. Shipping the 485 without solder will save time and effort for the end-user.

Part Number:485-V12,WITH 486 Air Blower

Part Number:485-1-V12,withOUT 486 Air Blower

Product Key: 485-1-V12 UNIT, REWORK, W/O 486, 485
Part Number 485-V12 (with 486 air blower)
485-1-V12 (w/o 486 air blower)
Power Consumption 850W
Room Temperature Between -5°C (23°F) and 40°C (104°F)
Temperature Control Normal temperature - 299°C (570°F)
Solder 10 kg (22 lb.)
Heating Element 800W (400W x 2)
Air Pressure 2 kg/cm2 (4.4 lbs.) - 10 kg/cm2 (22 lbs.)
Dimensions 485 (Body)
500(W) x 245(H) x 550(D) mm
19.7(W) x 9.6(H) x 21.7(D) in.
486 (Air Unit)
150(W) x 100(H) x 300 (D) mm
5.9(W) x 3.9(H) x 11.8(D) in.
Weight 485 (Body) 35 kg. (77 lbs.) without solder
486 (Air Unit) 3.5 kg. (7.7 lbs.)

485-V12 and 485-1-V12 are shipped with an empty solder pot.
486 Air Unit/Blower NOT included with 485-1-V12.

485-V12 and 485-I-V12
Part Number
485-026 Anti-Oxidizer
485-10 Spare Lamp
485-22 Leveling Gauge
485-09 Spatula
485-07 IC Tweezers
485-23 Waste Collector
485-20 Locator Light
485-N-01 14/16 pin nozzle
485-N-02 18/20 pin nozzle
485-N-03 28 pin nozzle
485-N-04 42 pin nozzle

(485 with 486 air blower)
Part Number
485-28 14/16 pin air hood
485-29 18/20 pin air hood
485-21 28 pin air hood
485-31 42 pin air hood
Air Hood holder with hose (attached to 486)



Document Description
485 485 Users Manual
Released 1/14/2003
Document Category: Manual
PB287 Change to Wiring for 485-63 Power Switch
Released 5/20/2009
Document Category: Product Bulletin
Solder No Longer Included with the Hakko 485 Rework System
Released 5/23/2005
Document Category: Product Bulletin

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