Delvo DLC70S-WUB Controller for DLV30/45-IKU Series Drivers

Delvo DLC70S-WUB Controller for DLV30/45-IKU Series Drivers


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For use with Delvo DLV30/45-IKU Series Electric Screwdrivers.


  • Universal input voltage from 100 V AC to 240 V AC for easy installation
  • Controller provides Soft-Start function that helps prevent screw head and thread damage by allowing a slower starting speed
  • Step-less speed adjustment allows an operating range from 390 - 2,000 RPM for various applications
  • The controller has output terminals on the rear allowing signals of Start, Torqued-up and Reverse to be used with a counting device to help prevent screw tightening errors
  • Applying 24 V DC to the rear inputs on the controller will cause the screwdriver to come to an immediate stop in the event of an emergency
  • Controller can be mounted either horizontally or vertically
  • Grounded bit system standard (with a 1MΩ resistor)


Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Function Grounding, Soft Start, Speed Control
Signal Output(contact point type) Start, Torque up, Reverse(Dry contact)
Signal Input Drive Stop Function
(DC 24 V Input Voltage needed)
Weight lbs(kg) 3.96 (1.8)
Size W×L×H in(mm) 5.28” × 11.88” × 2.68”(132 × 297 × 67)
Standard Accessories Power cord(80”): 1
Rubber feet: 4
Fuse(5 A): 1

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