Delvo Torque Drivers

Nitto Kohki’s Delvo electric screwdrivers are high-quality tools for professional use with emphasis on precision torque control and long-term reliability. Delvo gives you the ability to get it right every time. With more than 35 years experience and world-class precision torque control, Delvo provides world's highest quality electric screwdrivers.

Repeatable Accuracy
Brushless motors
Designed to provide more consistent torque, screw after screw. No brushes to replace and a wide torque range allow brushless screwdrivers to be used in various applications for extended periods of time.
Reduced Recoil
Sophisticated clutches and a motor braking system reduce the hand recoil at the end of the screw tightening operation, reducing user fatigue.
High-speed motors cut down on screw tightening time and enhance productivity.
Brushless electric screwdrivers assure you a long operating life. Compare “delvo” to conventional pneumatic screwdrivers and you will hear the difference.