Fine Hard Wire Cutters

Hard wire cutters are typically used in medical device manufacturing to cut extremely hard, fine wire such as Nitinol wire. These cutters are often used under a microscope. Tronex makes 2 types of hard wire cutters, they are the Class W and Class T hard wire cutters. Below outlines the difference between the two types. 

Class W Cutters: 

  • Made entirely from solid tungsten alloy steel. This material is machined and formed at the Tronex factory to high dimensional tolerances with exceptionally sharp cutting edges and a solid joint design. The cutters undergo a special furnace-hardening process to achieve a hardness of 66 to 68 HRC on both cutting edges. (Cutters made of carbon steel have maximum edge hardness of 62 to 63 HRC.) 
  • Class W cutters have smaller tips than Class T cutters; this enables them to cut in more confined areas than Class T cutters. 
  • Class W cutters are lighter than Class T cutters 
  • The cutting edges of Class W cutters are less brittle than cutting edges of Class T cutters 

Class T Cutters: 

  • Tronex Class T cutters are made from precision machined cutter blanks in which solid tungsten carbide material has been silver brazed in the cutter jaw. Diamond grinding then forms the head shape and sharpens the cutting edges. This tool design, with its dual material construction, combines the high yield strength of carbon steel with the intense localized hardness of tungsten carbide. Cutting edges of Class T cutters have a hardness of 79 to 81 HRC. 
  • Class T cutters can cut thicker and harder hard wire than Class W cutters 
  • The handles and jaws of Class T cutters are tougher than those of Class W cutters 

Tronex offers complimentary test cutting of your hard wire to determine the best tool recommendation for your application. Have questions about our hard wire cutters? Would you like to send a sample wire to our experts to determine the best tool for your application? Contact our sales team for more information.