Excelta Cutters

Excelta has pioneered the combined use if of Laser technology with the most advanced CNC machining to produce the finest grade cutter available. They start with premium steel, laser cut for consistency, and CNC machined to exact specifications. The cutting blades are induction hardened to 63-65 Rockwell C for durability and precision hard-milled for sharpness to produce state of the art tools. Precisely right for all your cutting needs.

Type of Cut

  • Semi-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .010" bevel, which produces more cuts than a maximum flush cutter but leaves a "pinch" on the wire.
  • Maximium-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .005" bevel, which produces a smaller "pinch" on the lead/wire thank a semi-flush cutter. The smaller bevel means fewer cuts than a sem-flush cutter.
  • Optimum-Flush cutters have no bevel producing a pure clean cut with no "pinch" on the lead/wire. The cutting edges are extremely sharp. Cutting life is once again reduced on either or all of the above.

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