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Metcal MX-5200 Sale


For a limited time only, buy any three Metcal MX-5200 Soldering/Rework Stations
(yes, you can mix and match!) and we will throw in a fourth, gratis*.

Metcal MX-5210
Metcal MX-5210 - $695.85
Metcal MX-5211
Metcal MX-5211 - $874.90
Metcal MX-5220
Metcal MX-5220 - $725.75
Metcal MX-5241
Metcal MX-5241 - $913.41
Metcal MX-5250
Metcal MX-5250 - $1,034.69
Metcal MX-5251
Metcal MX-5251 - $1,081.85

Save up to 

IMPORTANT: This "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" offer expires July 31, 2017. When you're ready to order, our sales team is standing by. Please call (888) 449-6655.

* The fourth system will be of equal or lesser value.